How To Avoid Embarrassment When Looking For Sex

Looking for sex is a fun and exciting experience, and you'll never forget your first booty call. The secret to success when you're looking for action from a hot date is to keep cool and keep your wits about you. The trick? Not drinking. While having a few drinks seems like a good idea to help anyone to loosen up, beware the hazards of drinking and feeling a little too free. If you need more convincing check out these reasons why staying sober is the best way to get laid:

Looking your best

While a few drinks might make you feel fabulous when looking for a booty call, the truth is that getting drunk only makes you look sloppy. Smudged makeup, messed up hair, lipstick on your teeth, and rumpled clothes all come with the territory of drinking too much. Sex is easy to find when you have the confidence that you're actually looking hot, and aren't just tricked into thinking that you do by being drunk. Instead of hitting the bottle before your date take a few extra moments to make sure you look and feel your best and rock a fierce attitude instead of having a cocktail. Fix yourself up and try out your best game on a live cam website in your area for a night of sexy fun that doesn't involve getting hammered.

Acting like a grown up

If you've ever been sober in a room full of drunk people you'll notice that they typically all behave like children. Avoid looking for sex and making a fool of yourself by staying sober. You may think that you act more fun and uninhibited when you've had a couple of drinks, but the only way to avoid looking ridiculous is to stick to soda and skip the drinks on your date. Try an energy drink or shot of espresso while you're getting ready if you need an energy boost instead of getting wasted. Show off your real moves in the bedroom without stumbling, bumping into things, slurring your words, tripping over your own feet, or falling off the bed. Avoid drinking so you can keep your cool and focus on the hot sex instead of trying not to look drunk.

Remembering the details

Waking up with a raging hangover and blurry details of the night before isn't fun for anyone, yet we've all been there. The last thing you want to do is wake up after a night of great sex and not be able to remember it. The best part of a night of passion is being able to re-live it in your mind afterwards. If you get drunk when you're looking for sex all you're doing is robbing yourself of the pleasure of the racy memories. No matter how hot the sex was, you never want to get so drunk that you forget the details. If you're that wasted then it's safe to say you probably also looked pretty bad and might have engaged in some embarrassing behaviours or conversations while you were at it. Avoid drinking before a booty call do you can stay on top of your game and remember all of the good parts the next day. Staying sober guarantees that any sexy date will be one you can remember again and again.

Staying safe

Drunk people aren't exactly known for making smart decisions, so don't let yourself become an example. If you're looking for sex on a date you always want to make sure you make good choices, like not walking alone in a dark area, but it's hard to do that when you've downed a couple of drinks and your intelligence is stunted. Keep your wits about you by staying sober and making sure that you stay safe no matter what the situation is. Being sober on a booty call doesn't mean that you're boring, it means that you're smart. Keeping sober means staying safe and making good choices for what you do, where you go, and who you're with.

No regrets

Everyone has woken up after a night of drinking only to remember the night before and cringe. Whether you said something really stupid, sang bad karaoke in front of your boss, or tried to pretend that you were Beyonce on the dance floor, we've all had some mortifying moments to re-live the next day. Avoid any regrettable moves, decisions, or actions by only looking for sex when you're alcohol free. You can rest assured that anything you said or did while you were trying to score was something you won't be embarrassed about the next morning. Save the drinks for when you're a few dates into a relationship instead of getting wasted on a first booty call and blowing it right off the bat. Sex is always better when you can think back on it fondly instead of with major regrets over your own poor judgement.